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Since 650 years the Cammerlander family has been in a traditional gastronomy family in Tyrol. The Hotel Post was the place for a station of call for mail coaches, who travelled from the north of the country to the south. Our house is a hotel nowadays, but earlier it was also a post office in addition. This is without doubt one of the oldest post office in Tyrol, which has a long history.

For the further information you can find the family tree of the Cammerlanders in our hotel, which can give you the particular historical overview of the house. There are two ancient books available for you, which you are welcome to look through. Click simply on one of the symbols next to our family coat of arms.

Old postcards

Postcard from Hotel Post from August 26, 1899
Postcard from Hotel from 1917
Postcard from Hotel Post from 1928
Postcard from Hotel Post from 1934
Postcard from Hotel Post (Post office)

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